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The Psoriasis PACT site map

The Psoriasis PACT Site Map


Learn more about The Psoriasis PACT and its mission to support the high standard of care you provide for your patients with practical tools and resources.

Disease Information

Find in-depth information on the systemic nature of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, clinically important comorbidities and disease management approaches. Explore the disease-related resource faculty members have prepared for you:

  • HCP Medical Education Slide Deck: Psoriasis Disease State

Patient Care

See how The Psoriasis PACT faculty members are treating complex psoriasis cases, and get more detailed information on the challenges and approaches to psoriasis disease management with the following resources:

  • Psoriasis: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction Through Goal Setting and Treating to Target
  • Case Studies in Psoriasis Care

Patient Perspectives

  • Patients’ perspectives on the Dermatologist-Patient relationship

Practical Tools

The Psoriasis PACT faculty members have collaborated to create practical tools to facilitate sharing both information and treatment goals.

  • Psoriasis Management Report
  • An Educational Resource for Patients With Psoriasis
  • Patient Goal Setting Questionnaire


Read biographies of each member of the faculty to learn more about the diversity of expertise offered by The Psoriasis PACT.

Faculty Perspectives

Read opinions and insights on topics related to psoriasis and its management from faculty members of The Psoriasis PACT.



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