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Practical Tools


Practical Psoriasis Tools to Support Patient Care

In the management of a chronic, systemic condition such as psoriasis, which may be associated with a variety of comorbidities, ongoing communication with other health care professionals and your patients is an important factor.

The Psoriasis PACT faculty has collaborated to create practical tools to facilitate sharing both information and treatment goals.

Psoriasis Management Report

Psoriasis Management Report

Share the details of how you are managing patients' psoriasis with the general practitioners who are managing other aspects of their health care.

Patient Goal Setting Questionnaire

Patient Goal Setting Questionnaire

Help patients more clearly identify their goals to help you better understand how psoriasis is affecting their lives and enable you to develop a treatment approach that will best address their needs.

Patient Brochure

Looking Ahead: Your Guide to Living With Psoriasis

Help patients better understand psoriasis, and how it can affect the body as well as the emotions. Provide education on how they can better manage the condition through treatment and lifestyle choices.

An Educational Resource for Patients With Psoriasis

Educate and empower your patients to engage in an informed dialog with you about their psoriasis treatment.

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Have this presentation on hand for your next patient with psoriasis.

Individual chapters may be downloaded below.

Introduction to psoriasis

Give your patients a broad overview of psoriasis and debunk myths about the disease.

How psoriasis may affect your life

Let your patients know you understand how psoriasis can affect their quality of life, and review in detail its impact on sleep and emotions.

Setting goals for your psoriasis treatment

Work with your patients to prioritize their personal goals for treatment.

Potential health effects of psoriasis beyond your skin

Explain the inflammatory, systemic nature of psoriasis and review some of the diseases and conditions that are associated with it.

How severe is your psoriasis?

Show your patients how you measure the severity of their psoriasis.

Managing the impact of psoriasis on your life

Share strategies, including healthy lifestyle choices, that can help your patients manage their condition.



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