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Psoriasis Patient Care


Practical Psoriasis Resources Highlighting Opportunities in Patient Care

The chronic inflammatory nature of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis necessitates long-term systemic management.1 While there are several systemic therapies available for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, many dermatologists are reluctant to use them. Furthermore, not all patients respond initially, maintain response, or adhere to their prescribed therapy (due to efficacy and/or tolerability issues), which may result in inadequate disease control.1,2

The resulting undertreatment signifies a need to establish treatment goals to help manage the disease and improve long-term clinical and psychosocial outcomes.1,2

See how The Psoriasis PACT faculty members are treating complex psoriasis cases, and get more detailed information on the challenges and approaches to psoriasis disease management by delving into the resources below.

Psoriasis: Improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction through goal setting and treating to target.

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Psoriasis: Improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction through goal setting and treating to target.

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Moderate to Severe Psoriasis : A Fresh Look at the Disease. Its Impact and theImportance of Patient-Centered Goals. An on-demand webinar by leading dermatology experts.



Case Studies in Psoriasis Care

Choose a challenging case and compare your own treatment approach with those of The Psoriasis PACT faculty.

Cases in full color are available for your review. The remaining cases will become available on a regular basis throughout the year.

Psoriasis and immunodeficiency

A man, aged 39 years, with comorbid psoriasis and HIV, is no longer well controlled on topical and phototherapy.

Psoriasis and hepatitis

A man, aged 47 years, with moderate to severe symptoms, has been diagnosed with active hepatitis C infection. Immunosuppressive therapy is under consideration.

Psoriasis and suspected psoriatic arthritis

A man, aged 24 years, is obese and suffers from moderate to severe psoriasis symptoms. He is now experiencing significant joint pain and swelling.

Psoriasis and obesity

A man, aged 60 years, who is obese, is taking 12 medications for psoriasis comorbidities including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, respiratory disease, and depression.

Psoriasis and elective surgery

A woman, aged 61 years, is on biologic treatment for severe symptoms. The orthopedist has requested that her therapy be discontinued before knee-replacement surgery.

Anti-TNF therapy and tuberculosis

A man, aged 32 years, has moderate to severe psoriasis symptoms. He is a candidate for biologic therapy, but a PPD test for tuberculosis is positive.

Psoriasis and vaccinations

A woman, aged 32 years, with >10% body surface area (BSA) involvement and tendonitis, will need to be vaccinated against yellow fever before a vacation.

A psoriasis patient’s journey

A woman, aged 38 years, has moderate to severe symptoms with comorbid depression and hypothyroidism. This case study discusses her treatment journey.

Psoriasis and high alcohol consumption

A man, aged 47 years, has moderate psoriasis symptoms and is unable to continue phototherapy treatment. He has symptoms of alcoholic liver disease.



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